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As a former San Diegan, Windansea beach is one of my favorite places to view the sunset. The angle of the beach coupled with its turquoise water and rock formations always makes for an incredible composition. For this painting I wanted to showcase the beauty of this place during the early spring when the moss green on the rocks seems to glow in contrast to the heavy gray marine layer. Although most of us locals aren’t huge fans of this type of weather, something fascinating happens at this beach. The colors of the deep water peek through the dull reflections of the overcast sky in a dance of blue and green. This time of year almost makes the water seem unrealistically saturated with color as the water moves. It’s similar to the feeling when gazing upon Lake Tahoe. Although the water is freezing when the weather turns, there is still something about the color that seduces the eyes to want to be in it.

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