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Who doesn't want to take a small escape each day to a beautiful island?  I know I do!  I love going to the beach.  It is my go to escape and place to re-charge.  I love to be in the water, play with my family and see the fish swimming around.  Here is a small selection of the hundreds of beach paintings I have created.  I sold my paintings in La Jolla which is a small beach area in San Diego a couple of years ago and sold over 400 paintings in about 6 months!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Painting in this style came from a time of deep study.  I had been exploring all the different styles of art, but found such a passion for realism.  I love being able to capture the life in our everyday encounters.  Take a look at some of my recent works here. 


My family and I spent 9 months in New England.  I had a longing to live there from the last time I had visited over 10 years ago.  The simple beauty of is was overwhelming!  This new portfolio was created specifically for the Scituate Art Festival where many of the originals found homes. There is so much more to come from our time in such a beautiful place.  Let's take a trip together through New England.

Bay View 30x40.jpg

I love the city!  There's life, there are lights, there's music and a hustle that is contagious.  I have always wanted to live in a big city.  I had the privilege to live in one of the greatest cities in the nation, San Diego, CA.  That beautiful city inspired this series. 

mary01 canvas texture.jpg

As a believer there are many times where I am moved to create work that speaks to the Spirit.  Here is a collection of some of those works.  The images that have been inspired by The Chosen TV series are unavailable for sale due to reasons outside my control, however I do encourage people to "Pay it Forward" on their website to keep this production alive.  Some of the other spiritual pieces may be available in my online store.  I hope this work is an encouragement to you today.


The power that rests on these pieces is nothing short of incredible.  I love that these pieces were painted on scripture.  These paintings will shift the atmosphere of any space!  Take a look and see which painting you will choose to transform your world.


The human form is the most beautiful of all creation.  There is nothing that can compare to our complexity or our unique form.  It is sad to see what our society has done to the image of human form.  We were never created to be slaves to one another, but gifts of pure love. 


I have had the great opportunity to work with some amazing people over the years.  I do commission work on a very regular basis.  I have at least one or two commission pieces in the works at all times!  Here is a sample of the many pieces that I have done.  Take a look and start dreaming of a painting of your own!

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