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Original Napali Coast Handcrafted 6' Surfboard

Original Napali Coast Handcrafted 6' Surfboard


This piece brings the Hawaiian islands and the California coast together in one celebration of the Pacific Surf culture.  Take a trip to the islands each time you see the beautiful craftsmanship of this handcrafted California Redwood surfboard that magnifies the vibrant colors of the Napali coast.  This will draw you in and be a conversation statement in any space.


This is a handcrafted hollow wood surfboard by Kyle Meloy of Kokomo Surf Company based in Maui, Hawaii.  Kyle built this board using California Redwood.  Meloy reached out to Trudelle Galleries for a collaboration opportunity to offer his talents to our collectors here through Kyle Trudelle's artwork.  This board has a limited edition (1/25)  signed and numbered Giclee print of the Napali Coast that has been embellished and sealed.   This is intended for wall mount purposed only.


Find more work from KoKomo Surf Company at

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