I perceive this body of work will be ever expanding. My infatuation for the ocean continues to bring her back to the focal point of my creative expression. The beach being the place where the ocean meets the land may forever intrigue me. Like the supernatural and the natural, there is something so contrasting within the two realms of land and sea. Yet they operate within harmony. This relationship can at times be violent, yet at other times be the most peaceful relaxing exchange. There are many diversities within this subject. My study of the beach and the compositions I create display those the attributes of this realm as I am impacted by them.

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Bali Shores

30"x 40" Arcylic on Canvas Some friends of mine travel regularly and return with descriptions of the most remote places on the earth. One particular time they found themselves on a private boat touring the small islands around Bali. As they talked of the way the weather felt, the leaves of the massive palms reaction to the light and humidity, the colors and sounds that lit the atmosphere, I was mesmerized by their experience.

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