I perceive this body of work will be ever expanding. My infatuation for the ocean continues to bring her back to the focal point of my creative expression. The beach being the place where the ocean meets the land may forever intrigue me. Like the supernatural and the natural, there is something so contrasting within the two realms of land and sea. Yet they operate within harmony. This relationship can at times be violent, yet at other times be the most peaceful relaxing exchange. There are many diversities within this subject. My study of the beach and the compositions I create display those the attributes of this realm as I am impacted by them.

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From Above

30"x 40" Arcylic on Canvas On my honeymoon, now 10 plus years ago we went to Kauai Hawaii. We had some friends from college who lived on the island. So we had a list of a few must see locations to visit during our time celebrating our connection together. One of those places remains to be my most treasured spot on this earth. Secrets Beach, not only sounds secluded but it looks and feels untouched.

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