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From Above

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On my honeymoon, now 10 plus years ago we went to Kauai Hawaii. We had some friends from college who lived on the island. So we had a list of a few must see locations to visit during our time celebrating our connection together. One of those places remains to be my most treasured spot on this earth. Secrets Beach, not only sounds secluded but it looks and feels untouched. While we walked this beautiful stretch of golden tan Kauai coastline we found a coconut tree that swung out over the surf. The ambitious 21 year old that I was decided to climb up this particular tree and impress my new bride with a fresh coconut. While I was in the tree there was a moment of beauty that I wanted to capture here in this painting. Almost as though I was suspended over the place where the ocean meets the land. Straddling the boarder of the natural and the supernatural from a perspective I had never seen. The uniqueness of the moment is something I will never forget.

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